The E-Technology storage solution is versatile meaning that it is highly adaptable to the need, be it in terms of energy or power needed.

It is equally effective in both mobile AND stationary solutions.


In the future, E-Technology will be the preferred choice for existing and future mobile applications making conversion from existing power solutions to E-Technology on board possible as both the large capacity and high specific power will allow for a longer use time and continuous high power pulse applications.

E-Technology, typical mobile applications;

  • electric vehicles
  • bicycles, electric scooters
  • other means of transport (sea-air)
  • energy banks replacing generators
  • cordless tools
  • household appliances
  • drones


E-Technology is perfectly suited to the energy production and distribution fields of applications. Production site and Grid based larger units will integrate with Domestic stationary / Home units easily manageable to provide abundant power as needed. Easy, intelligent grid management (DPS Distributive Power system), will greatly relieve the electricity distribution networks as we know the today, (no costly and complex peak management) and will allow for the EV recharging, and the HVAC additional and important load/consumption capacities needed.

L.S.S.S*  will handle intermittency and demand fluctuations inherent to consumption, effectively and in perfect harmony across remote, interconnected or distinct sites, all with a much easier Grid management system.

Typical stationary applications :

  • Sustainable electricity production sites,
  • Domestic energy banks to broaden consumption to smart domestic power systems. (48V DC, EV charging, HVAC, Robotics, single source appliance charging …
  • EV charging stations on road infrastructures (new service stations)
  • in electricity distribution networks
  • close to electricity production sites


The R&D focus will shift into a higher gear. The efforts will focus on both significant further development of the E-Technology core but will also aim to have available imminently a compatible new technology driven charger (BEE C6).

The intent is to aim for and achieve charging speeds of 50-100 times better than the time necessary to charge a battery of equal weight.

This charger will be more than the proof of concept. We will develop and demonstrate a comprehensive high density, high power electrical energy storage solution in a single system featuring the capability to Charge, Store and Manage a triad of optimised (sub)systems and compatible technologies.

*L.S.S.S. Large scale storage systems