E-Technology will be self-financed.

Governments must facilitate the fossil conversion in a financially responsible manner.

Battery R&D, CO2 capture and storage, intermittency management through thermal powerplant construction, upscaling distribution networks, patchworking the electrical production process or biofuels have led to prodigal spending. Acknowledging the battery technologies limits, significant funds are put into Hydrogen as a high potential option for green energy, neglecting, a total lifecycle cost, its inherent yield of only 25%-27% and its intrinsic danger of fire/explosion. Understandable … until better alternatives become available.

The E-Technology shows a yield of +/- 97% and does not contain dangerous chemicals nor carry any risk of fire or explosion.

In light of opportunities offered by this innovation, the private sector will finance the building of large wind and solar parcs, because of the attractivity of the investment (R.O.I.).

Is now not time to redirect funding in support of Climate Change toward high value potential, integrated and safe solutions?

Costs will not be the obstacle and cannot become the excuse as E-Technology will lead to the auto-financing of the conversion to sustainable electrical energy.