EVs vs global CO2 emissions

We all want to go green but why is it so important ?
We emit between 30 et 35GT of CO2 per year
25 % of these emissions are derived from transportation (representing about 90% of oil source)

Cars, on average, are on average equipped with 150 and 200 kWh of mechanical energy (based on the performance of a thermal engine)

The best current batteries have an energy of about 150wh/kg. it requires at least 1000kg of polluting battery in an EV to reach a comparable level of autonomy & comfort  (vs only 50kg of fuel). And we don’t even take into account the fact of the diminishing performance of the battery over time, nor the drop in autonomy availability in colder temperatures.

But if we do not rid the world of fossil energy, the electricity needed to charge the battery is derived from a heavily (more than 60%) polluting and CO2 generating industrial process! (https://www.connaissancedesenergies.org/bp-statistical-review-world-energy-2021-les-chiffres-cles-de-lenergie-dans-le-monde-210712)


EV charge by carbon-free sources could reduce our ecological footprint to 10%! Conclusion? Electricity production must go green itself !


As sustainable sources of electricity production are intermittent (PV/Solar) and therefore not always available, there is a need for a sustainable Large Scale Sustainable Storage System, ready to meet instantaneous demand. Without such a proper energy storage solution, sustainable energy source cannot be integrated in the grid and will only remain « marginal »

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