The electric light did not come from
the continuous improvement of candles”

  Oren Harari

About E-Technology

The E-Technology is NOT a battery (*) but a versatile sustainable energy storage solution with exceptional proven track-records.

In 2021, BEE 6 (the 6th Prototype of E-Technology) demonstrated an energy density of 789 Wh/kg, outclassing any battery technology currently planned.

Compared to a Tesla-like battery – at 140 Wh/kg in pack version-, BEE 6 (in pack version), multiplied capacity by a factor 5.6 at equivalent weight! (Density)

Elon Musk (@elonmusk – Aug, 25, 2020) predicts 400 Wh/kg *with* high cycle life, produced in volume (not just a lab) is not far. Probably 3 to 4 years,”

Musk said last year that for electric flight to work, the energy density of batteries needed to improve to over 400 Wh/kg, a threshold which may be achieved in five years. (Reuters, Aug, 25, 2020)

Researchers have said the energy density of Panasonic’s 6752.T “2170” batteries used in Tesla’s Model 3 is around 260 Wh/kg, meaning a 50% jump from the current energy density which is key to achieving a longer driving range.

E-Technology is the product of years of research and development of a group of dedicated scientists, technical staff and contributions from highly specialized members in different scientific areas across the world and the result of R&D progress over the recent years, in solid state physics, engineering and additional discoveries.

It outclasses all known energy storage solutions and revolutionizes responsible energy management (from production to usage) opening the road to a zero footprint.

E-technolgy exists, ready for world-wide rollout through Co-development Programs.

Welcome to a world where energy storage solutions, be it mobile or stationary, can be sustainable, safe and reliable while actively supporting carbon-free energy production, breaking the climate change spiral.

Welcome to a bright future!

(*): The batteries use REDOX reaction and have intrinsic limiting characteristics affecting capacity and performance (which, in addition, decrease with use and time).
  • 789Wh/kg
  • Rapid charging
  • No loss of yield nor of capacity (over 1000 cycles)
  • Performances and characteristics allowing EVs to reach a level of range and comfort comparable to that of combustion engines
  • Solid state physics and innovative engineering around breakthrough material science
  • No rare or dangerous elements, processes, no expensive packaging or controls, recyclable
  • Non-toxic; safe; no leaking; no need for cooling; maintenance-free

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